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    R I N G   S I Z I N G

    O R D E R   Y O U R   F R E E   R I N G   S I Z E R

    The best way to determine your size is by using our free ring sizer. Order yours now and we’ll deliver it to you free of charge.

    M E A S U R I N G   A T   H O M E

    If you can’t wait for your free ring sizer, there are 2 methods you can use at home to work out your size.

    The Paper Method

    Cut a strip of paper, wrap it around your finger and measure the length. The length will correspond to the “inside circumference” measurement in the chart below.

    R I N G   S I Z E

    I N N E R   M E A S U R E M E N T S (mm)


    UK & AU Diameter Circumference


    H ½ 14.9 46.7


    J ½ 15.7 49.3


    M 16.5



    O 17.4



    Q 18.2


    *All rings on this site are based on US Sizing

    Print-Out Method

    If you have a ring that fits you and access to a printer, download our ring sizing guide below to determine your size.

    Helpful tips

    • Try to measure your ring several times throughout the day and when you are warm. Your finger will tend to be smaller in the morning or when you are cold.
    • Your ring should fit nice and snug on your finger. It should be tight enough so that it doesn’t fall off when you shake your hand but it should be loose enough to slide over your knuckle with ease.


    • If you’re buying a ring as a gift, the best way would be to find a ring belonging to the recipient and measure it using the Ring Sizing Guide.
    • Ask someone close to the recipient if they know their ring size.
    • Measure their finger in their sleep…
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