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Protect Women & Children

Women's Community Shelters provide women and children who are escaping domestic violence and homelessness with safe housing and counselling to get them back on their feet.

Empowering Marginalised Communities

The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation provide access to specialised programs for our most marginalised communities - particularly First Nations, refugees and other vulnerable Australians.

By providing vital education in language, literacy and communication skills, individuals are given the tools to have a voice and make a meaningful contribution to society.

Restoring The Reef

For over 40 years, Greening Australia has been restoring and protecting the diversity of Australia’s unique landscapes through collaborative, science-based programs.

The Great Barrier Reef is under threat from the effects of climate change, eroding land and loss of coastal wetlands which act as a filter to the Reef.

To combat this, they are working with local landholders, communities and Traditional Owner groups to restore wetlands, revegetate landscapes and rebuild eroding gullies.