All of our jewellery is made from either solid gold or sterling silver. This means they’ll never fade, rust or turn green (which only happens to jewellery made of poor quality metals and are plated or filled).

General care

  • Your jewels can come in contact with water without fear of damage. To keep them in the best condition though, try to avoid wearing them in chlorinated pools.
  • Store your jewellery in the box provided to minimise scratches when not wearing.
  • If your jewellery contains any natural gems please take extra care to avoid any harsh cleaning products on the stones. Only use a mild detergent or soap and water. Avoid using the polishing cloth directly on the gems.

Sterling Silver

When silver is exposed to air, it reacts to sulphur containing substances in the air in a chemical process known as ‘oxidisation’. This causes a thin layer of tarnish on your jewellery and is 100% reversible.

To remove tarnish from your silver jewels, just use your complimentary polishing cloth (which comes with each order) which contains an anti-tarnishing agent.

To minimise the effects of tarnishing, store your jewellery in a dry enclosed place, like in a jewellery box or pouch.

Solid gold

If your jewellery is dirty, you can wash your jewels with soap and warm water. You can also use the polishing cloth to shine your piece if it is looking dull.

Polishing Cloth

  • The polishing cloth you will receive is a special cloth impregnated with an anti-tarnish polishing compound. It is suitable for polishing sterling silver (to remove tarnish) as well as gold.
  • Do not wash the cloth in water, keep it nice and dry.
  • Do not be alarmed if the cloth shows black marks after polishing your piece. This is a normal reaction between the polishing compound in the cloth and the metal of your jewellery.
  • Only polish your piece until it is shiny, there is no need to polish until there are no more black marks as this is not an indication that the piece is clean.