We create dainty layered adornments for the discerning jewellery lover.

Crafted in precious metals, SIT & WONDER speaks to the jewellery lover, looking for quality, yet accessible designs that can be worn as an everyday luxury.

She is modern, has a strong sense of style, an appreciation for minimalism, and views jewellery not only as adornment, but as a carefully considered curation of her style.

SIT & WONDER jewels are designed to be layered and stacked, to tell a unique story that is timeless, effortless and versatile.

Our Story

SIT & WONDER was founded in late 2016 by Sydney based designer, Emily Ko. The label was born after a life changing career move, in which she embraced the sentiment: “If I never do this, I’ll always sit and wonder…”

With a love for craftsmanship and design, Emily created SIT & WONDER to meet the need for premium, yet accessible fine jewellery, in a market saturated by two extremes: fast-fashion and unattainable luxury. With each collection, Emily endeavours to bridge this divide, providing other jewellery lovers with classic dainty pieces, at attainable price points.

Our Jewellery & Values

We are committed to improving our processes over time to support sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices. Here’s how:

We believe in ‘slow’ sustainable fashion. That’s why our collections are designed to be timeless and crafted in high quality metals of sterling silver and solid gold. We want to encourage longevity, in contrast with the disposable nature of fashion jewellery.

Our collections are designed to be versatile. They can be layered together and styled in different ways so you get more wear out of your pieces.

We aim to reduce wastage. Our pieces are made in small batches through a combination of hand-crafted techniques, and metal casting. Recycled metals and regularly used throughout the process and scrap metal is refined and re-used. Most of our packaging is now recyclable or re-usable. We’ve also reduced the size of our mailing boxes and jewellery boxes to minimise our carbon footprint.

We are socially responsible. The majority of pieces are manufactured by a team of skilled artisans based in Jaipur, India run by a family owned business. The business supports the local community by employing local workers, paying fair wages, ensuring safe working conditions and opportunities for growth. A smaller portion of our collections are made by trusted local jewellers in Sydney. We only use ethically sourced natural gemstones or man-made gems in our designs.