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Mandala Necklace | 9k Gold (Bronze Silk Cord)

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We'll Donate $5 From Each Sale

In support of the International Women’s Day’s initiative to drive gender balance, we created a limited-edition collection featuring the Mandala pendant, co-designed with artist/yogi, Lara Zilibowitz. 

$5 from each sale will be donated to One Girl, a non-profit organisation seeking to eliminate gender inequality through harnessing the power of education to drive change for girls in Sierra Leone and Uganda.

The Mandala Design

On one side is the six-petalled lotus flower of the sacral chakra ‘Svadhisthana’, our seat of emotional awareness, creative liberation and empowered sexuality. On the other side is the thousand-petalled lotus flower of the crown chakra, ‘Sahasrara’, representing the connection between body and soul.

- Solid 9k Yellow Gold Pendant with 100% Silk Cord and 9k Yellow Gold Beads
- Adjustable length cord. Longest length is approx 60cm.
- 1.8cm pendant diameter
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